All weight loss products are dangerous to your health.

No, not really. As it’s biased to generalize all men as playboys and cheats, it’s also unfair to cluster all weight loss products as dangerous because of certain health cases and side effects.

True, there are instances where patients suffered side effects or risked their health but one must not conclude that it was because of using weight loss products in the first place. This is why it really pays to know what you’re getting into. Don’t let eagerness, emotions and desperation push you to neglect basic common sense.

Before using, talk to professionals – your doctor, dietician, nutritionist and your workout trainer. Find out if certain products can cause complications or contraindications, or is just plain dangerous for you. You should try asking questions – it’s free, you know.

Listed below are five things you should know about the dangers of weight loss products – what long term usage may result to as well as their effects to your health.

1. Learn how weight loss products works

Read, research and ask questions. Most of these products promote weight loss by increasing your basal metabolic rate (BMR) unnaturally.

Every mundane task you do need energy – breathing, digesting meals, sleeping or maintaining muscle tension as you sit. Even at rest, your body burns calories. This is what you call BMR. So the higher your BMR is, the more your body burns calories thus causing weight loss. Exercising everyday promotes a safe and natural BMR increase, as well as strength training as muscles burn more calories than fat.

For people who want to avoid dieting and exercise, they turn to weight loss products. Many of these products jolt the metabolism to burn calories – much like the effect of caffeine. Unfortunately though, long term use can lead to several health problems.

2. Know the effects on your nervous system

The activity of the nervous system is heightened when you’re taking weight loss products to stimulate the body. Which is sort of similar to the fight or flight syndrome that occurs when you’re stressed.

Commonly referred to as survival mode, the fight or flight syndrome is hard-wired into our brains specifically called the hypothalamus, which when stimulated, starts a series of nerve cells firing chemical release to the body, making choices and recognizing consequences unfeasible.

Who would want to be on survival mode 24/7? Your mind’s in a frenzy, leaving you feeling jittery and shaky. Other side effects include lowering the activity of the immune and digestive system as well as quality of sleep.

3. What happens to your circulatory system

Heart muscles activity is increased when you raise your metabolic rate. Your heart starts pumping and working hard, and like any muscles in the body working too hard, this will lead to problems.

The circulatory system is unnaturally stimulated by weight loss products which may cause irregular heart rhythms, increased heart rate and high blood pressure – which are all clear cut symptoms leading to heart attack, stroke and death.

It’s ironic really since by losing weight, you are trying to shove heart problems out of the door. But by using weight loss products, it’s coming right in through the back door. It’s not really futile, just something to be aware of. This is why it is a must that you talk to your doctor first.

4. Avoid the long-term effects

Leave forever to relationships only. Avoid going steady with weight loss products for a long period of time.

It’s not good for your health to stay on them long-term since they increase your metabolism unnaturally, which often leads to chronic health problems. True, you may see some progress, lose some weight, but learn to let go and start doing things the natural way. Rather than rely on these products for long-term, use them as sort of a pedal to push you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Weight loss products may cause rapid weight loss at the price of malnutrition, electrolyte imbalances, gallstone, dehydration, fatigue, and constipation.

5. You will gain the weight back

Yes you will, just as the majority of people who used weigh loss products in losing weight.

These products artificially increase your BMR which means once you stop taking the pills your BMR will slow down. Yeah, you’re out of long term risk from products, but your back again as to when you started. See the problem? Without exercising and eating the same amount of calories as before, you will regain the weight.

The key to effective weight loss can be summed up into four words – eat less, exercise more.

Funny how thousands of dollars spent on products, gallons of brain juices to come up with techniques, lists of surgical methods pale in comparison to the turnaround doing the two things above can do.