Since cosmetic dentistry offers all possible solutions to offer you a flawless, dazzling, whiter smile, you can get what you desire. Invisalign is a customizable, invisible aligner created from a clear thermoplastic material suiting the patients’ needs. The patients are recommended to wear them for about two weeks before being replaced by another set. with the usage of aligners teeth will be aligned perfectly ending in a flawless smile. People need to consult the best orthodontist in Miami fl to know everything about braces before and after.

If you want to enjoy the expected results, you need to maintain them with proper care. It is so because proper care of the oral appliance is the only way to maintain the results for a long time.

A Stepwise Procedure To Get Invisalign:

  • Free Consultation:

Before reaching a final decision regarding the Invisalign near me treatment, you must consult an orthodontist to get a proper consultation so that a final decision can be made and you won’t have regret in the future. The consultation should be made only by a certified, skilled orthodontist Invisalign.

  • Customized treatment plan:

The doctor will prepare a digital plan of the treatment so that you can easily understand the process and its results. The plan also helps determine how many visits will be required to implement it.

  • The clear braces are put on:

The next step is the placement of your plastic aligners, made from BPA- free plastic. Apart from metal braces, you won’t experience any irritation or little cuts inside your cheeks. Once you have got the aligners sets, you will have to wear them at least for twenty-two hours a day to achieve your goals.

  • Checkups every 6 weeks:

You will be advised to visit the Invisalign orthodontist at the doctor’s office every six weeks for a proper evaluation to determine whether the treatment is working perfectly or not. If you need any alteration, you will be provided with them.

How To Maintain Them?

  • Ensure the cleaning of teeth and the Invisalign before wearing the aligner. You can maintain the cleanliness of both by simply brushing and flossing. You can also purchase an Invisalign cleaning kit to clean them precisely.
  • If you don’t want to use harsh chemicals in the process of cleaning, use a regular paste to clean it.
  • Generally, Invisalign is resistant-free, but still, if there are stubborn stains on it, make it clean by soaking in half a cup of water at room temperature with ten drops of Clorox bleach for twenty minutes. Do this occasionally only.
  • Never reveal Invisalign to a warmer temperature than the mouth.
  • Quit smoking to maintain the whitening of the teeth.
  • Do not chew gum when you have Invisalign on your teeth as it can stick to the aligner.

Moreover, remove the aligners when you are eating and drinking something. So grab them from a certified and skilled orthodontist’s office to get a straight and beautiful smile.