If you are considering visiting an orthodontist near me to get braces, it is a good idea to find out what to expect. You will probably have orthodontic treatment for the next few years, so it is helpful to know what to prepare for. Get an idea of the types of appointments you will have, and what will occur at each one. Even if you are planning to visit the affordable orthodontist near me, you should know what is making them affordable and is there something to compromise.

What to expect in the first appointment?

  • Your initial appointment with your dentist near me will be a chance to get to know him or her, and also to ask questions about procedures. You are probably wondering how long you will have to wear braces, which kind you can get, and how often your maintenance visits will be. Additionally, at the first visit, you can expect to get x-rays taken of your mouth so your orthodontist knows how to begin treatment. Impressions of your teeth will also be taken, and your braces may even be put on at this point if you are comfortable with the process already. Additionally, ask for the orthodontist braces cost in the first meeting only.


  • You can expect to have regular meetings for some months or a few years after the initial visit, as they need to fix in particular ways and track the progress. In some cases, the wires will need to be changed out, whether one is broken or your orthodontist has other reasons for exchanging the wires. The frequency and time length of your routine visits will vary, but you can typically expect to see your practitioner at least every few months, for about 30 minutes to an hour each time. Also, ask if they give the services of the dentist and orthodontist at the same time.


  • Some patients are not interested in traditional braces, but Invisalign, which many orthodontists now offer as an alternative. This product involves getting a new aligner frequently as your teeth become straighter over time, as the aligner is custom-made for your mouth. You can take it out when you need to, but the longer you keep the aligner in your mouth, the sooner you will get a straight smile. In addition, it is nearly impossible for others to see it, so you will not need to take it out anyway, even for special events. People will probably notice over time that your teeth are slowly straightening out, and you may have to tell them why since this product is so hard to notice.


  • If you need orthodontic treatment, it is time to go see an orthodontist review before scheduling anything so you can get started improving your smile. Attending an initial consultation is often the best way to at least find out what your options are, and then ask any questions about what to expect. Seek the orthodontist payment plan to afford the treatment without any issue.