Having twins around is fun, but it is harder to care for twins than for a single baby. If you are having twins, you must be facing difficulties in managing both at the same time, But twins undoubtedly create an unusual set of challenges that makes you do things and come up with creative and crazy hacks to get things done.

Here are some hacks and Twin Stuffs to help you out:

1.  Invest in a twin-size diaper bag

You need to replace your standard-size diaper bag with a larger one for your twins.

A valuable and good diaper bag for your twins should have some essential details like:

Insulated bottle pocket, large capacity diaper storage area, zippered pockets, easy access exterior pockets, adjustable straps or a cross-body strap, water-resistant, interior to handle spills, plenty of pockets to keep all necessary items of your twins, strong zippers, portable changing pad, easy access side pocket.

2.  Cribs with each twin’s name.

You can add the name on each crib to make it easy and decorate their crib and in the end, decide to go for a pretty decal. It is helpful for others to know who goes where, especially for recognizing the baby twin.

3.  Blender Bottle or feeding bottle for great formula storage

You can use Twin Baby Products‘ blender bottles to store the baby drink in your fridge. They are great for pre-making solutions for your baby that can be used quickly. This helps make your workload lighter and easy for you to handle the twin. Remember to wash them after every use. Cleaning blenders might be challenging as it is not easy to clean them and Wash them with warm water to keep them germ-free.

4.  Set a color code for each twin

You can set a color code for your twin that will help you to recognize them easily. Assigning a color makes it easier for parents to know their kids more. Things like pacifiers and pacifier clips can differentiate between them, and they come in different colors like pink, purple, blue, etc. It can help determine your kid’s toys, outfits, and other things.

You can set a color code for cute twin outfits. If you have a baby twin boy, you can choose colors like green and blue, and if you have a twin baby girl, you can have a combination of pink and purple or pink and yellow.

5.  Give a Bath to them every few days and sponge baths in between

Bathing two babies together can be an exhausting job and a time-consuming task. Don’t worry about bathing them every day. You can give them a bath in 3 to 4 days. Get a warm water-dipped towel, wipe out their faces, necks, and hands daily and bottoms, and then give them a full body bath a couple of times a week.

Conclusion :

Baby twins are a gift but handling them both is a strenuous job. Try these five hacks to manage your twins and understand them.