To move the teeth into their correct position a dentist sometimes uses plastic braces, wire, or other dental appliances. It is used in less severe cases of underbite. To improve the appearance of an underbite, the removal of one or more teeth on the lower jaw will help. But this is in case of the overcrowding of the teeth. A grinding device is also used by dentists for smoothening teeth that are larger in size.

It can also cause serious dental or oral health issues like it makes your smile a little strange. Today with Invisalign or underbite braces, treatment of this dental issue is more effective. So, that you don’t have to use palatal expanders and metal braces. To fix your underbite without surgery, the Invisalign treatment option makes it easier and comfortable.

Q1. What is an underbite?

When your lower teeth stick out, when you close your mouth and the positioning of your teeth becomes incorrect then this is an underbite. This causes the displacement of the lower jaw and positioned too far. Underbite creates problems in biting and chewing food. Your speech gets impaired and your teeth wear out quickly.

Q2. What causes an underbite?

Genetics, injury, and bad habits are the main reasons for an underbite. You may also inherit an underbite if your parents or any other member of the family has an underbite. It may be possible that they have similar tooth shapes and the same type of jaw. Some childhood habits can also cause an underbite, these habits are as follows:

  • Thumb sucking
  • Due to tongue thrusting
  • After the age of three if you are using a pacifier
  • Feeding through bottle after infant years

If you have a severe injury then there are high chances of misalignment of teeth or damage to the bones. Sometimes a mouth tumor can also cause an underbite.

Q3. How to fix an underbite?

An underbite is a severe problem for oral health. But don’t worry you can fix your underbite with various treatment methods. There are several methods for the treatment of an underbite:

  1. Surgery
  2. Extraction of tooth
  3. Reverse pull face mask
  4. Jaw expander or palatal expander
  5. Underbite fixed with braces

These are some of the treatment methods which you can use to fix underbite for better oral health.

Q4. How to fix underbite naturally?

Yes, you can fix your overbite naturally with the help of braces without having any surgery.

This can be done by moving teeth into proper alignment. It is necessary to extract one or more than one tooth from the lower jaw depending on the severity of an underbite. This will provide some room for the remaining teeth.

Q5. Why you should fix an underbite?

Some serious dental problems can be caused by an underbite. So you have to get it treated before it will create oral problems for you. These oral health issues are:

-Disorder in the joints

-Decaying of tooth

-Having a poor oral health hygiene

-Tooth wear gets faster