Arm size may seem like the easiest part of your body to measure, but it’s actually not so simple. Your biceps, forearms, and hands all contribute to your arm size, making it difficult to get an accurate reading on how big your arms are right now or what they’ll look like after you gain muscle mass through lifting weights or doing arm exercises at home. Read on to learn about the best ways to measure arm size and what measurements you should aim for based on your goals!

The right arm size for men

What does your arm size say about you? Just like with other body parts, bigger isn’t always better. For example, a man who’s built a lean and muscular physique is going to have smaller arms than someone who has simply bulked up. To that end, here are some general guidelines on what to shoot for: – 15-inch arms: Even though 15-inch arms would look skinny on someone with an athletic build, it’s probably good to aim for these because they’re so well proportioned in terms of height vs. width. – 16-inch arms: These will look masculine and more full (in terms of overall girth) on a lean athlete but still fit well for men with average body types as well.

The right arm size for women

Your arm size isn’t a do-or-die measurement. There are many models who have large 15 inch arms, and there are models with less extreme 18 inch arm. The best way to get those killer looks is to focus on creating a silhouette that suits your figure type. The arm should be proportional to your body, says Posen. Smaller women should have proportionally smaller arms, while larger women can have a more powerful silhouette by keeping their limbs petite. In general though, choose a style that shows off your assets—if you’re blessed in that department, highlight it with big arms!

How to get your perfect arm size

First, there is no such thing as a perfect arms size. Your arm size will depend on how you look, how big your body is, etc. What is important to determine is your personal preference and then working hard to achieve it. If you want an 18-inch arm, you need to train your arms every week with heavier weights and more volume. That alone won’t get it done; you’ll also need a good diet and rest plan as well as intensity in order to see maximum results. Once you hit that goal arm size, start over again. This time, increase your target by one inch or adjust other things like weight or rep range (or both). You should be able to reach that goal within six months or so if you’re properly motivated and trained.