Bite turbos are a sort of oral appliance that help improve patients’ bite and jaw alignment. Orthodontists have been using this method for several years. Usually, bite turbos consist of small brackets glued together onto the back surfaces of your front teeth. They are used to stop you from biting off your lower brackets due to a deep bite.

When a person has bite issues, the local orthodontist recommends bite turbos as they are the best treatment option to fix such oral issues precisely & promptly. Bite turbos apply gentle pressure to the brackets after patients have braces in their mouths. Visit orthodontics specialists in Florida to gather more information about bite turbos.

What is exactly a Bite Turbo?

A bite turbo is an orthodontic appliance that helps teeth to move into the correct positions. Usually, they are L-shaped or triangular devices; orthodontists install them to the back of the teeth inside the patient’s mouth to prevent contact or improve an incorrect bite. Usually, orthodontists suggest braces to patients with braces and bite turbos that can stop the damage to the teeth and braces to offer faster progress. Orthodontists in Aventura, Florida, can help you permanently eliminate bite issues.

How Does a Bite Turbo Work?

Bite turbos exert a specific pressure on teeth and braces to move the teeth in their proper position so that you won’t have irregular bites. Whether the patients have crossbite, underbite, or overbite, the bite turbos can fix them precisely and even prevent bruxism.

How Long Do You Wear a Bite Turbo?

The duration of Wearing bite turbos depends on the complexity of the case. If the changes are minor, you can get quick results, but if the changes are more serious, it may take a while. Therefore the duration of the treatment depends on the severity of the issues of each patient.

Are There Any Risks?

Bite turbos are very secure for patients who experience speech or chewing issues as they eventually get used to the bite turbos. However, patients might experience soreness in their mouth due to this orthodontic device. Your orthodontists may treat it through OTC (over-the-counter) medicine, for example, Tylenol.

Moreover, the other side effects of metal turbos may include intolerable tooth vibrations and lisping (a speech defect). Such issues start appearing when orthodontists create a resin alternative for overbite corrections.

Why do you need them?

Bite turbos can address various oral issues as they keep your teeth apart, allowing them to shift into correct positions without harming other teeth. Also, wearing bite turbos reduces braces treatment duration and helps fix various other oral issues.

Are you having trouble biting together?

When orthodontists place bite turbos on your front teeth, your back teeth won’t meet appropriately while you chew the food. And if the orthodontist places them on the back teeth, your front teeth won’t come near. Although, this situation is temporary. In such conditions, your orthodontist may recommend eating soft food that will allow you to tackle this situation. Moreover, it might cause difficulty in your speech, but you can speak correctly within a week.

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