If you have spider veins, you know about the web-like appearance on the thighs and calves of your legs. Do Spider Veins Come Back After Laser Treatment?

While the cause of spider veins isn’t known, mostly they tend to be a genetic issue. Hormones, a sedentary lifestyle, and weight gain play a vital role in this web-like structure in your legs. Luckily there’s an effective and easy way of treatment in removing your veins for good. However, sometimes that’s different.

If you’ve had sclerotherapy for your spider veins and noticed they start returning, you’re not alone. It would be best if you considered contacting a varicose veins doctor to diagnose and treat the issue.

How does Spider Vein Treatment work?

Sclerotherapy is the most common treatment for spider veins. A vein doctor injects a solution into your veins(damaged veins), which can cause them to collapse and clot; in such case, your body breaks down and reabsorb in a few weeks and fades away.

Why Do Spider Veins Come Back After Treatment?

Whether you get a treatment like an injection, laser ablation, or microphlebectomy, veins are likely to return. Also, it depends on various factors like:

Genetics: Unfortunately, you can’t predict if and when the spider vein will appear. Some people are just prone to getting them because of their genetics.

Venous Insufficiency: Another reason for spider veins’ reappearance is due underlying condition called venous insufficiency. This also involves a different treatment altogether.

It’s a progressive vein disease that will not go away without treatment. Spider veins can be a sign of problematic veins. A simple ultrasound of your legs can determine if your valves are still working, so consider visiting a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Spider Vein Maintenance

In any case, keeping in mind the development of spider veins makes the process much more manageable and treatable.

With proper and proactive management of attaching these veins early, your treatment becomes easier with better results.

A consultation from a vein specialist can help you know about spider veins and other venous insufficiency conditions.

What are the Reasons for Spider Veins Return?

There are several reasons for returning, or spider veins seem to return.

But what are the common thighs that you should know for the recurrence of spider veins: So, it’s not that spider veins were treated and returned after the treatment. Rather than new spider veins shown and mistaken for original veins.

Here are some reasons of spider veins return:

  • A person has venous insufficiency, so more profound or left untreated can cause the development of new spider veins.
  • If a person’s body doesn’t regulate new vein formation
  • A person who continues with captivity causes spider veins, such as prolonged sitting or standing periods.
  • Salin or skin laser improperly used
  • Genetics

What is a Vein Specialist Called?

A phlebologist is a qualified doctor specializing in diagnosing and treating people suffering from veins-related diseases like spider veins, clotting, leg ulcer, and vascular birthmark.


It would be best if you avoided such activities that may result in spider veins recurrence. Also, if you experience such a problem, you should consider contacting a vein specialist or phlebologist.