Have fancy for sports? Do you enjoy sports betting? Want to know everything about sports gambling on the web and at the same time meet new bettors from different areas in the world? Well, sports betting forums are now gaining popularity throughout the world. Several sports betting sites are out there on the web these days, each offers sports betting forums for the sports bettors to meet and discuss everything about betting on sports.

Generally, the sports betting forums serve as one of the most convenient portals to meet bettors and make friends with them. At these portals, you can talk with the other members about your difficulties with sports gambling, or share your experiences or your betting techniques with your co-bettors. And, if you are an amateur bettor, the sports betting forums are a great place to learn, as you can ask questions and receive answers from the other members of the board.

The Web you Can Find and Access Sports Betting Forums

Now, if you are interested to know where exactly on the web you can find and access sports betting forums, I have mentioned below a few sites for you to check out. Simply look for their sports betting forums, and register if you want to. Note, however, that what will be mentioned below are just a few of the many sports betting forum sites available online, but I assure you that these are good enough for you to get started. So please read on.

BettingAdvice.com – Your guide to soccer betting

BettingAdvice.com is one of the free-to-use betting services available online. On their forum, punters all over the world meet to exchange predictions and analyses for upcoming sports events. Also, their busy sports betting forum is where amateurs and experts alike meet to exchange betting tips and strategies. So if you need betting advice,  BettingAdvice.com has very good tipsters who have got their jobs in the betting industry as a result of their doings at this company.

MajorWager.com – Epicenter Of Online Gambling Message Boards In The United States

MajorWager.com is also out there on the web to give you one of the better sports betting forums available. This site is actually a well-known source for online sportsbooks, gambling information, online gambling, and handicapping. Also, you can find sports news just right here. And, if you want to share your betting experiences or ask advice from the expert bettors, you can do so by joining their sports betting forum, which is generally divided into different sections, based on the topics tackled. All of the discussions on the sports betting forums talk about sports betting and sportsbooks in general.


If you are a beginner and wanted to chat and learn about betting then bookmakersreview.com is the best sports betting forum available for you. This website is well-known for online sportsbooks, casino&poker, sports betting, handicapping chat, and betting Q&A. You can find different community members, active chat rooms, and the latest sports news on this site. You can get an expert advice betting forum by joining this site and explore the different ideas and thoughts on betting by different people around the world. Bookmakersreview.com has the best customer service, easy signup process, and easy betting software that gives you comfort and easy betting.

Bettingtalk.com – Essential Sharp Sports Betting Community

BettingTalk.com is an active sports betting forum community where you can join and exchange ideas and tips about betting. They have around 5000 active members that will provide you easy tips and advice regarding any kind of sports betting. If you are interested in the stock exchange and cryptocurrency then it is also the best sports betting forum for you. You’ll get answers regarding beginner questions on BettingTalk.com as they have experts to exchange strategies and betting tips.

Covers.com –  Source for sports betting information in North America

Covers.com is established in the year 1995 and is one of the oldest and trustworthy sites for bettors on the internet. You can have an expert advice betting forum in two categories like expert picks and consensus picks. They offer different kinds of contests too like daily contests, streak survivors, and king of covers for their bettors and their community members. There are three major sections of Covers.com: Betting guide, experts, and contests. They have the best sports betting forum so you have to be extra careful while joining this site.

Predictem.com – Sports Betting Forums

Coopers Pick is hands down the very best place to get your sports information, picks against the spread, parlay plays, betting information, and live odds. There are other great websites out there as well such as Predictem.com which offers a sports betting forum. Picks against the spread, Reviews of the latest sportsbooks, and picks for all of the miscellaneous sports that you can bet on. Predictem website provides a lot of great advice and betting tips for those interested in gaining that extra edge when it comes to sports betting.


Well, that’s the wrap-up of our today’s list of best sports betting forums. I hope after going through the blog you’re able to decide which expert betting advice forum is better and effective. Sports betting is all about luck so if you believe in your luck then you can try these online forums communities to get a clear idea of your betting.  If you want to list your betting forum in our list then email me at weblinks2seo@gmail.com.

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