After braces, your orthodontic specialist of Florida will place a permanent retainer on your teeth. Your dentist will offer two types of retainers; removable retainers and permanent retainers to pick from. Your orthodontist Hollywood recommends retainers because after braces are off, there are chances that teeth can move back over time; therefore, a retainer can prevent your teeth from shifting back of your teeth at the wrong positions.

What is a permanent retainer?

A permanent retainer is a strong metal or fiber wire fixed over your teeth using a unique bonding agent. The wire help teeth keep in a fixed position. Moreover, permanent retainers impact patients’ front teeth. Your North Miami Beach orthodontist will install retainers in your mouth within six months after braces to achieve the best results.

Who should get a permanent retainer?

Suppose you are the one who usually forgets to do any important thing and avoid the hassle of wearing retainers every day. In that case, permanent retainers are a great choice. Since the orthodontist places them inside the mouth, it is invisible to others. Since they stay in a fixed place, you can take care of them easily by practicing regular hygiene.

How Long Will You Need To Wear Permanent Retainers?

Patients require retainers once the braces are off their teeth. Moreover, the retainers keep teeth in their correct position, and the time to keep them in the mouth depends on the patient’s age. Generally, orthodontist recommends them to wear for five years.

What do you do when your permanent retainer pops off?

If your permanent retainer is broken, you visit your orthodontist to repair it as soon as possible. If you have removable retainers on your teeth, you have a choice to remove and replace them. But if the retainer type is permanent, you should visit the professionals to get them fixed immediately. Suppose the retainers harm your tongue or cut your cheek inside the mouth. In that case, your orthodontist may recommend rinsing your mouth with warm salt water to prevent infection and helps in healing.

Cost of permanent retainers:

The cost of permanent retainers relies on the specific needs of the patients. They may range from $150 to $500 on average, meaning you have to spend around $1,000 if you buy them for upper and lower teeth. Your retainers can last up to twenty years if you take care of them properly.

Whether you are considering the repair, replacing, or removing the retainers, the cost will be equal to putting them in initially. Therefore, it is vital to take care of them to save your money for the long term.


If you have doubts regarding the retainer types, contact an orthodontic expert, as only they can tell you what type is the best suitable for your situation. Consult only the experienced & qualified best orthodontist near me if you have any queries regarding the cost, style, treatment time, etc. They will answer your question in detail with patience. Book an appointment with your dentist now.