If you enjoy energy drinks, you should also have a proper diet and food before and after drinking.

Here are a few causalities of how this can help you:

  1. Eating can help maintain your blood sugar level because low blood sugar can cause a Hangover headache when you do not have the proper diet.
  2. Keeping the blood sugar level up helps preserve acid in your body. It can help prevent headaches and other symptoms after drinking.
  3. Also, drinking should always be within a limit. Drinking can cause a loss of vitamins from the body, which leads to hangover symptoms, such as headaches and your body feeling low. Moreover, eating well can level up vitamins and alleviate some hangover symptoms. But, if you find no consolation, you should keep your body hydrated to maintain water and electrolyte balance or drink Oral Rehydration Solution.

Drink water

If you have hangover symptoms, how to recover from a hangover? Try having a glass or water bottle with every drink, or you can try drinking water before and after your drink. Consume 1 cup or a 16-ounce bottle of water for every 12-ounce beer or 4- to the 6-ounce cocktail you sip.

These drinks mentioned below can help you stay hydrated and miscalculate your hangover headaches:

  • Good old simple water is the Best Hydration Drink.
  • Gatorade or Powerade
  • Coconut water is also suitable for hangovers.
  • Alkaline water enhanced with added electrolytes, such as potassium and magnesium

Why? liquor is a diuretic — it induces the body to increase the urine in the body. This helps you lose fluids and electrolytes faster from the body and makes your alcohol removed from the body, so you’ll get dehydrated much more quickly, and less hangover will be there. And lastly, if you end up vomiting too much alcohol, you will lose even more fluids making it easier to stay calm.

Keeping yourself hydrated means your hangover symptoms will be much less if you have any. And as you know, keeping the body hydrated has plenty of other benefits.

Choose light-colored drinks

If you are at any party and it is a must to drink, choose if you do not want a hangover. Obviously, the darker the drink, the worse the hangover will be. So keep your drink light, do not have much alcohol in it. Too much alcohol can make you lose and full of hangover symptoms.

You should choose light-colored drinks because distilled dark-colored liquids like whiskey, bourbon, and brandy have large shares of congeners.

Congeners result from the distillation or fermentation procedure to produce and from these darker intoxicants. Some typical congeners include:

  • tannins
  • acetone
  • acetaldehyde

Congeners are the main reason for having hangover symptoms, headaches, and tiredness. So opt for light-colored drinks like vodka that minimize hangover the next day you enjoyed drinking. If you do not get relief from the hangover, use Oral Rehydration Solution to reduce the headache.

Eat Fruit and vegetables.

Eating fruits and vegetables can give you the rich nutrients and natural sugars your body demands after having an alcoholic night. These healthful foods may help lower the hangover symptoms.

  1. Banana
  2. Blueberries
  3. Avacado
  4. Sweet Potatoes
  5. Oranges
  6. Watermelon

If you find relief from these fruits, you can try hydration drinks to get relief from hangovers.

Know your limits

Make sure that whenever you drink alcohol, make it less drink as much as you can, and do not push your limits to extend the glass of liquor. Drink that much in which you feel comfortable. You may not have the same limits as your friend or drinking partner; everyone has different drinking limits.

Don’t feel pressured to drink an extra glass of wine when you are done with it. Sometimes, you may not feel like partying every time, and that’s ok; if someone forces you to drink, say a big no if you don’t want to.

Do not drink too much if you have issues in your body, and alcohol can worsen them. Your body is first; make it only one glass, which is enough. Do what you feel most comfortable with.


It is better to avoid drinking alcohol and instead keep your body hydrated with hydration drinks. Eating fresh fruits and green vegetables can keep your body healthy and fit.