According to Miami childrens dental, children’s preventative dentistry treatments are just as vital as adult preventive dentistry treatments. On the other hand, many parents assume that their child’s teeth are in perfect condition merely because they are young.

According to the best pediatric dentist Miami, In truth, children and adolescents suffer from oral health problems in the same way that adults do. Kids, in particular, are most likely to have cavities due to their fondness for sweets, juice, and other sugary treats.

What preventive dentistry treatment do pediatric dentists perform?

According to a pediatric dentist Miami fl, here are some preventive dentistry treatments for kids

Mouth guards

Most pediatric dentists recommend wearing mouthguards for kids. Dental experts customize These protective guards in the dental office according to the distinct size and shape of your kid’s mouths and teeth. Usually, we wear these guards while playing a contact sport to protect our teeth and gums against physical contact. The dentist may also recommend a mouthguard If your child has teeth grinding problems while sleeping.

Space maintainers

Specialized dental tools consist of plastic or metal and are known as space maintainers. These retainers are custom-made to fit your child’s unique mouth. Space maintainers are little and also comfortable o be around. In just a few days or less, your child will get accustomed to having them in their mouth. After losing a tooth, the space maintainer keeps the vacant space open.

It maintains the existing teeth perfectly still until the permanent teeth grow, preventing movement. If you are afraid of having a space maintainer, which a dentist will place on your teeth, remember that this method is less expensive and more effective than attempting to shift teeth back into their proper positions with orthodontic treatment.

Dental sealants

Experts make dental sealants from a translucent material similar to plastic that a pediatric dentist can apply with ease. Dental sealants will stay on the chewing surfaces of your child’s teeth to stop the cavities from developing and spreading. A pediatric dentist Miami beach usually applies dental sealants to the back teeth if a patient has extremely deep ridges along the chewing surfaces of his or her teeth. If the ridges are not too deep, then the sealants will not remain in their place.

If the sealant traps plaque due to becoming loose, the risk of developing a cavity will be much higher. It only takes 2 minutes per tooth for a dental sealant to harden in place. After hardening. After hardening, a child consumes food without having contact with the food particles contact the surface of the teeth. Dental sealant is a powerful barrier to minimizing the chances of childhood cavities.

Teeth cleanings

Your child will require professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year. Pediatric dental cleaning is necessary for your child to remove plaque and tarter. It is quite challenging to remove plaque from brushing and flossing by yourself at home. Especially at the childhood stage of your life. There’s a high chance of plaque sticking between your child’s teeth.


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