The length of your therapy, where you live, your insurance coverage (if you have insurance), and the type of device you select. Your Miami orthodontics dentist will discuss pricing and payment options with you. If you want a rough estimate of what braces will cost in your region, check out this database from a paid online dental and Miami children dentist directory.

Lingual braces may be more expensive than traditional ones because the application technique is more delicate and time-consuming. The cost of lingual braces can increase if custom-made for each patient. Traditional braces have wires twisted in a uniform horseshoe shape. However, other lingual braces Miami have wires bent differently.

How to determine if you are a good candidate for lingual braces or not?

The only effective way to find out if you are a candidate for lingual braces or not is to consult with your orthodontist hallandale fl. Overall, lingual braces can effectively correct the same alignment issues as conventional braces. Lingual braces aren’t for everyone. For example, patients with deep overbites might have trouble with brackets popping off more frequently.

Your orthodontist will inspect your teeth and discuss which treatment choices will most likely be successful during your initial session. Because not every orthodontist is trained enough to utilize lingual braces, talk to the best orthodontists near me early in the process if you’re interested

Can lingual braces cause a lisp?

In short, yes!. As you speak, your tongue will touch the back of your teeth and create certain sounds. When you first get lingual braces, you may feel trouble while talking, and the tour tongue might lisp since the brackets are on the back surfaces of your teeth. While all braces might affect your speech patterns briefly, lingual braces can cause your speech to change for a month or more.

Speech impediments may vary depending on which kind of brackets your orthodontist in Aventura Florida employs. Some patients have been able to correct their lingual lisp by using speech therapy procedures. However, your tongue will adjust to the braces with time, and your speech should return to normal.

Do lingual braces cause more discomfort than other braces?

You will experience some discomfort as your teeth begin to shift, regardless of the type of braces you pick. Most people describe this discomfort as a dull aching that you can ease with over-the-counter drugs. You should eat soft meals like yogurt, rice, and soft-boiled eggs until the pain goes away. When brackets come into contact with the sensitive tissues within your mouth, braces can cause pain.

Because of the position of the brackets on lingual braces, the tongue is a common source of pain. The discomfort of lingual braces can be substantial for certain patients. More manufacturers are making lingual brackets smaller and smoother to improve patient comfort.


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