In a general blockage, the top of your teeth overlaps the downward teeth vertically and this overlap is known as overbite braces. Each individual has multiple degrees for a vertical overlap. However, if your overlap is too big or large, then this needs to be diagnosed. Sometimes, the overlap is not extremely obvious visually, yet it can occur due to several issues such as pain, the wearing of teeth, movement of teeth, etc. But in many cases, what patients complain about is their aesthetic looks when they have a strange vertical cross-over of upper and lower teeth.

What causes an overbite?

There are cases when the overbite problem is hereditary. Even genetic traits like jaw shape will affect your teeth’ alignment. And the other cause for an overbite before and after will include-

● Sucking of thumb or nonnutritive sucking behavior (NNB)
● Excessive nail biting
● Tongue thrusting
● Grinding of teeth

How does overbite influence your body?

A normal and minor overbite would not lead to severe health problems. Hence, the uncorrected overbite would cause the following problems-

1. Temporomandibular disorders (TMD)
2. Speech problems
3. Difficulty or pain while eating
4. Problem in breathing
5. Cavities or tooth decay
6. Gum disease

What are the symptoms of overbite?

The main sign of an overbite is the concern with your appearance when your upper front teeth overlap past your bottom front teeth. The other signs are-

● Challenges while speech
● Not feeling comfortable while eating
● Pain in jaws
● Problems in closing and opening your mouth

How can the problem of overbite be diagnosed?

Generally, the dentist is the one who notices your overbite problem in a physical examination. Then the dentist performs the dental x-rays to further analyze the overbite problem and how the teeth alignment is done. Now the dentist will provide you a reference with the orthodontists near me. The orthodontist is the one who is expert in jaw and tooth alignment.

As in children, the treatment is quite simple as the jaws are in the stage of development. The main issue behind this is crowding. And for adults having overbite issues, the lack of preventive treatment at an early age would lead to more serious signs connected with an overbite.

Given below are some treatments that your orthodontist specialist near me would suggest-

For teens and children

● Growth modification devices – better positioning of your teeth
● Retainers – device helpful in keeping at its own place
● Braces – the slow movement of teeth to fix an overbite
● Baby teeth elimination

For adults

● Surgery – a skeletal type of jaw issue is treated with the help of surgery.
● Braces – overbite is created with the movement of teeth
● Teeth removal – normally the dentist orthodontist will use this treatment in serious cases only otherwise they try to avoid this method.


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