teeth retainer is an orthodontic appliance that is worn after the braces and other orthodontic appliances come off. Retainers are custom-made pieces of plastic or metal, for each person. They are made to match the shape of your mouth and the alignment of your teeth. The best orthodontist near me says that every retainer is different from each other as they are customized according to the shape of a person’s mouth and teeth.

There are two general kinds of trainers: removable and permanent. It is best to wear trainers after the braces treatment. If you don’t use the retainers after the braces, your teeth will revert to the way they were before the orthodontic treatment or the braces treatment.  An orthodontic relapse can occur if you ignore the retainers, which might be quite an extensive treatment to fix.

Why are important reasons to wear retainers after braces?

Here we present some of the major reasons how retainers help in dental treatment.

  • They maintain the space between new teeth and Wisdom teeth. Braces are generally worn by teenagers whose bodies are still developing. So that they would useclear retainers around the same time when the wisdom teeth erupt.
  • They stabilize your bite. Once the braces are removed, the soft nerve or tissue and bone take time to adapt to the changes made in tooth positioning. They slowly and gradually stabilize in their new arrangement.
  • They align the jawbones with the gums. When the teeth are being aligned in a new position, the bones and gums surrounding the teeth will take longer to follow suit. The retainers help with the acceleration of alignment and stabilizing of your bite.

What is the use of a permanent retainer in orthodontic treatment?

permanent retainer is made of thin, custom-made fitted wire or a strong fiber that is bonded to the tongue-side of your lower or upper teeth. Permanent retainers help in preventing your teeth from moving or shifting back into the previous position and you don’t have to put the retainers back in your mouth. And you don’t have to remember to put your teeth back in your mouth.

Retainers should be placed by an orthodontist within six months of finishing your orthodontic treatment. There are generally two techniques to fix the permanent retainers. The first one is to fix them to the canines of your mouth, only across the front of the mouth. And the second one is to fix them across all of your teeth. In case of damage to the retainer or if the permanent retainer broke, contact your nearest orthodontist as soon as possible.

How to take care of the permanent retainers?

Here are some tips on how to clean retainers and take care of them-

  • Brushing gently all around your retainers from different angles
  • Using a floss threader to reach tight spaces
  • Trying a water flosser if the thread flosser doesn’t work
  • Avoiding hard food that may stuck in your retainer
  • Having more frequent dental cleaning to monitor bacteria and plaque.


We can hereby conclude that the above information provides us with beneficial and important information regarding dental retainers, important reasons to wear retainers, how to take care of your permanent retainers, and more. For further information regarding retainers contact ivanovortho.com