Pediatric dentists and Orthodontists widely accept that early orthodontic treatment is useful for correcting crossbites and making room for permanent teeth. Early orthodontic treatment can contribute to the avoidance of more extensive corrective treatment as the child reaches adulthood. It can also contribute to healthier self-esteem. Visit a pediatric orthodontist near me to have a precise oral solution on time.

However, it’s also important to note another reason (in addition to correcting crossbites and making room for permanent teeth) why many best orthodontists near me, pediatric dentists, and general dentists who provide orthodontic services for children, recommend expansion of children’s palates when they are young. An adequately expanded palate provides an ideal environment for the tongue to rest The tongue is at rest when one is not using it for eating or talking. If the palate is too short and too narrow to accommodate the resting tongue, deviant swallowing and thrusting patterns can develop that can also lead to other problems such as:

1.) Orthodontic relapse in adolescence/adulthood

2.) Inability to close the lips at rest

3.) Chronic mouth breathing and other respiratory problems

4.) Susceptibility to developing a long facial appearance

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Importance of children’s orthodontist near me:

Straight teeth can indeed be an indicative component of a healthy and attractive smile. Historically, a desire for straight teeth has been the primary reason for a person to seek orthodontic care. There is now, however, empirical and scientific evidence to support that, in addition to providing a good foundation for straight teeth, an adequately developed (i.e., expanded) palate can also provide a good foundation for the optimal resting position of the tongue and commensurate healthy swallowing and nasal breathing patterns. Hopefully, early orthodontic treatment will someday be seen as, not only a means by which we can help a child have straight teeth but also, as a treatment option that can help promote a normal resting tongue posture and healthy nasal breathing.

What Are The Basic Reasons For A Child To See An Orthodontist?

Parents should consider orthodontic treatment for kids when they are seven years old. An early orthodontic checkup offers an opportunity to provide a child with a straight and healthy smile.

Permanent teeth:

When your kids are seven years old, they have sufficient permanent teeth. Therefore an orthodontist can identify and correct various oral problems with growing teeth and jaw in children.

Early treatment:

Early evaluation can offer the best opportunities to give your child a healthy smile. An orthodontist can help reveal the bite issue or other developing problems and offer necessary treatments.

A healthy smile:

A regular dental checkup can help ensure that your kids’ teeth are healthy or not. Once your orthodontist identtify a child’s teeth issues can be treated on time.

Properly aligned teeth offer a great look to your child and provide a good ability to chew, bite and speak. Teeth that are not properly aligned can generate oral issues. Therefore schedule an appointment with a nearby pediatric orthodontist to get timely diagnosis and treatment efficiently.