The best way to replace all the teeth in one jaw or the complete mouth, including both jaws, is with a full mouth dental implant. One of the trickiest treatments to execute is this kind of dental care; accuracy and precision are essential for success. Most dentists that provide this kind of care are Board Certified Specialists.

Even after finishing this advanced training, getting fantastic outcomes can be difficult. Visit your office today to arrange your consultation and learn more about how full mouth dental implants can provide you with a complete set of durable, natural-looking teeth and a radiant smile.

Can you describe the full mouth dental implant procedure?

The entire mouth dental implants procedure can be a successful treatment for many individuals when all the teeth need replacement. A whole mouth implant operation is one of the few ways to completely recreate your natural teeth’ appearance, comfort, and functionality.

The following are the typical steps dentists perform in a full mouth dental implant procedure:

  • Diagnostic and treatment planning stages can take several weeks. It includes X-rays, diagnostic mock-ups, CT scans, virtual planning, and smile design.
  • The placement of teeth implants in the upper jaw.
  • The lower jaw will receive four to six implants.
  • Building enduring temporary bridges
  • Porcelain teeth linked to these implants with screws or dental cement are strong and appear natural.

What should we expect from full mouth dental implant?

Depending on your particular health, preferences, and goals, the course of treatment can vary greatly. According to Dental Implants Specialist, The first step in the procedure is to place the dental implants in the jawbone. Also, Placing fixed temporary bridges on implants the same day they install them is now possible thanks to advances in dental technology.

With this technology, patients can also go from problematic or missing teeth to a stunning set of temporary teeth in just one visit. Uptown dental Houston believes that it restores the comfort and function of the patient and comfort thanks to the final, permanent implant bridges. The best dental option currently available is this one.

How to maintain and care for new implants?

Fixed implant bridges and complete mouth implants require identical cleaning and oral care practices as natural teeth. Also, patients can easily keep their new teeth by brushing twice daily, regularly flossing, using a Waterpik, scheduling dental examinations, and having their teeth cleaned by a professional.

Unlike natural teeth, the best dental implants near me do not decay. Care at home is significantly less critical than implants, even though it is not advisable. They give patients with full mouth implants a free nightguard to help protect their new teeth.

A plastic retainer called a nightguard is worn at night to keep the upper and lower teeth from contacting one another. These safeguards are crucial for patients with a history of grinding or clenching their teeth.


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