It is absolutely fine to wear a mouthguard over braces. Mouthguard for braces is custom made to fit with the brackets of your braces. Mouthguard for braces serves as a cushioning appliance that gently fits over your teeth to protect your teeth from injuries. Your mouthguard should stay tightly and securely over your lower or upper teeth without shifting or falling. If you have braces then you should buy an extra guard for the bottom teeth as well to protect your lips and prevent them from cutting on the brackets.

Braces dentist near me suggests wearing a night mouthguard during sleeping to protect your cheeks, lips, and mouth from hurting with the braces brackets during sleep. A mouthguard should be heated and placed in your mouth. The mouthguard is made from a flexible material to mould to your teeth. Due to braces if your teeth shift or move then your mouthguard may become uncomfortable or loose over time so you need to remould it to fit with your teeth.

How to make braces affordable for adults?

Orthodontic treatments such as getting braces are expensive and out of budget for many people, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid the treatment. There are several ways to get affordable braces for adults if you know how and where to look. When it comes to spending on braces here are several options that you must consider. Get braces near me and explore the following options before you get a confident smile and cheaper braces.

  • Search for a dental school clinic
  • Choose a low-cost option
  • Use your flexible spending account
  • Ask if you can get a payment plan
  • Finance or subsidize your braces
  • Use the flexible spending account
  • Explore the programs of dental assistance

How can braces change your appearance and face?

Getting orthodontic treatment can cause some facial changes in a person. However, you don’t have to worry about it as generally the changes caused by braces are positive and necessary. Betting braces help with the teeth and jaw alignment issue and give you a more natural and symmetrical look to both your jawline and your mouth. Some orthodontic problems can cause drastic changes to a person’s face and facial appearance when they are corrected such as overbite, underbite, crossbite, and open bite. You can take a picture of braces before and after getting them, to see the visible changes in your face.

Can you get braces if you have a gap or a missing tooth?

Yes, you can get braces with missing teeth or a tooth gap. You can simply use the braces to close the gap between the teeth created by the missing tooth. This could be a great option for someone who may be suffering from the problem of overcrowding. If the missing teeth don’t need to be replaced then braces can be fixed in a way to leave a chance of restoration in the future. Braces for gap teeth can help in improving the health of gums and teeth.


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