Teeth are as important as our any other body organ, but teeth are slightly more precious than our other body elements, firstly because our overall physical health is directly related to our oral hygiene, and the eating habit just come what our teeth allow us to eat, secondly it plays a huge difference in our appearance and look. A gap between your teeth can make you lose your confidence or can make you self-conscious, low self-esteem and it is also much possible that this may hinder your social life as you may feel shy or don’t want to show your smile altogether. If you want to cure your dental health an looking for an orthodontist near me you can also ask your nearby dentist about an orthodontist payment plan for best r results

Losing teeth at an early age is very disheartening; there could be any reason for it, such as:

1. Insufficient care of oral health is one of the major causes of tooth loss.

2. It can be an infection in the gums that may result in tooth loss.

3. The accident is another cause of tooth loss.

But there is no need to worry or bother at all if unfortunately, you find yourself caught in such a situation because dental research and development has become so advanced, that you can get an accurate replacement of your lost teeth quickly with an affordable budget which is so-called false teeth. You can search on the web for a top orthodontist near me to find the best affordable orthodontist which will be the best option for you.
Ways for getting artificial teeth

There are many ways in which you can go for artificial teeth by a specialist orthodontist, some of which has been discussed here:

1. Flipper’s teeth –

Flipper’s teeth are inexpensive false teeth that fit into the mouth like a partial denture. These false teeth are made out of acrylic and attached to an acrylic resin base. Since flipper teeth are of lesser quality, since the entire apparatus is usually made from plastic as compared to traditional partial dentures or traditional dentures, they have not been considered a permanent solution to tooth replacement. It can only be used for a short period of time being until the person can afford to get a permanent tooth replacement.

2. Dental Bridge –

A dental bridge is a type of false tooth that is placed between two crowns, it is usually made up of porcelain that is used in place of missing teeth. A fixed bridge is attached on either side of false tooth or teeth. A bridge is mainly used in cases where a front tooth is missing and is more noticeable.

3. Dental implants –

In addition to partial denture or bridge, a much stronger permanent solution has come along and that is dental implants. An implant is placed in a patient’s mouth by inserting a small screw into the patient’s gum, where it eventually fuses to the jaw, and afterward, an implant is attached. This option not only provides you with a permanent solution for your missing tooth or teeth, but also it naturally fits with the rest of the teeth in your mouth.


We hope you liked this article and you are ready to make your smile attractive and beautiful by getting your teeth straightening. It’s time to do something for your oral health rather than sitting at home, there are lots of options available to choose from if planning to have an artificial tooth. All you have to do is to visit a North Miami beach orthodontist and get a consultation for the required action.