Are you suffering from a dental disorder called overbite? 56% of children and adults across the globe are suffering from the problem of misaligned teeth which is most commonly caused by overbite conditions. It is important to get treatment for overbite as it can deliver serious health complications further. In this article, we have penned down some important productive information about overbite disorder including its treatment, causes, and symptoms that a person should know if he/she is the candidate for an overbite. Make sure to go through this entire article to not miss out on anything. You shouldn’t avoid the treatment of overbite as avoiding it can offer serious health complications, visit the kids orthodontist near me for your child.

What is an overbite?

Overbite is a dental condition that is also known as buck teeth. An overbite is a type of malocclusion dental problem that causes misalignment when the upper front teeth extend beyond your lower front teeth. For knowing more about overbite make sure to visit a board-certified orthodontists near me.

What causes an overbite?

We have found from studies that an overbite is generally caused by heredity. But there are still some causes of an overbite that a person should know for prevention including:

  • Extreme nail-biting.
  • Bruxism or teeth grinding
  • Thumb-sucking
  • Tongue-thrusting
  • Using a pacifier

What are the symptoms of overbite?

The major sign of overbite is when your front upper teeth overlap the lower front teeth but there are still some signs of overbite including:

  • Having a problem is in fully opening or closing the mouth.
  • Discomfort while eating.
  • Jaw pain.
  • Difficulty in speech.

What is the treatment of an overbite?

An overbite can be fixed differently in adults and children. If you have a child who’s suffering from an overbite problem then do make sure to visit kids orthodontists near me for getting these treatments mentioned below:

  • Getting teeth expanders for teeth movement or reposition of jaw
  • Braces for proper teeth alignment
  • Tooth extraction of baby teeth for delivering the room for permanent teeth
  • Retainers for keeping teeth in alignment after overbite before and after braces.

Here are some treatment options of overbite for adults:

  • Overbite braces for the movement of teeth affected by the overbite.
  • Overbite surgery for jaw alignment
  • Teeth removal for providing more room to teeth

What are the preventions of overbite?

An overbite cannot be controlled if it’s due to heredity but it can be prevented in some cases of children. Here are some ways of preventing overbite in children such as:

  • Adding the use of sippers
  • Avoid thumb sucking past infancy
  • Avoiding the use of a pacifier
  • Visiting dentist after the age of 2 year

What are the side effects of untreated overbite?

If you are suffering from overbite and left it untreated then you should know leaving it uncorrected may lead you to some oral problems such as:

  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • Difficulty in chewing and biting.
  • Gum disease.
  • Jaw pain or TMD
  • Tooth decay
  • Improper speech.


We hope you liked this article and it was a help for you in knowing about the treatment of overbite. If you are still in doubt about overbite treatment then visit our website where you’ll be able to find the results of overbite before and after that will help you understand its benefits.