If you are someone about to get an Invisalign aligner then there are many things you should keep in mind that will help in your further treatment. In this article, we have mentioned several facts related to Invisalign near me that a person should know so make sure to read this article till the very end to not miss out on anything important.

How many Invisalign trays are needed in treatment?

The board-certified orthodontist near me disclosed that for each patient 20 to 30 Invisalign trays are required in treatment. But in some severe misalignment of teeth and jaw a person may need more than 50 trays for Invisalign aligners.

What are the things you should avoid during Invisalign therapy?

We have mentioned some things that a patient with Invisalign braces near me should avoid doing during the treatment. Read this instruction below carefully for avoiding further damage to Invisalign aligners.

  • You should always make sure of removing Invisalign while eating which will prevent them from getting dirty
  • You should always avoid poking aligners by scratching them daily
  • Avoid playing with Invisalign aligners.
  • Always make sure to brush your teeth twice a day to avoid stuck food in your teeth during Invisalign treatment.

What are the things you should learn before starting Invisalign?

We have mentioned some things that a person should know before getting the treatment of Invisalign including:

  • For results of Invisalign, it is important to wear Invisalign aligners for at least 22 hours a day
  • It is important to remove Invisalign while eating
  • It is essential to add attachments offered by the Invisalign dentist near me
  • There are few chances of stain which is common
  • You should brush after every meal to keep your oral health good

What are questions you should ask your orthodontist before Invisalign?

We have mentioned some important questions below that you should ask your orthodontist in the initial consultation of Invisalign aligners so do make sure of reading these carefully:

  1. How does the Invisalign treatment start?
  2. How long will the treatment last?
  3. How much does Invisalign cost?
  4. How frequently do I need to visit the orthodontist’s office?

How much does Invisalign cost?

The average cost of Invisalign is anywhere between $3,000–$7,000. But if you have to ask your insurance company about Invisalign treatment coverage Invisalign braces cost you around $3,000.

How long after Invisalign treatment do I need a retainer?

Invisalign treatment affects the jawbone in the initial 6 months by softening the jawbone for ways of shifting to the desired position. After the 6 month completion of Invisalign aligners, your dentist will offer an Invisalign retainer and ask you to wear them for 22 hours a day which will help teeth hold in one place.


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