Traditional braces

Traditional braces may result in discomfort, including mouth ulcers and wounds from the wires. Brace wires may hamper the use of oral hygiene, and it may cause trouble eating as well as tooth decay, plaque buildup, discoloration, and fracture. According to an emergency dentist in Houston, Individuals who seek to straighten severely misaligned teeth or those with teeth that sit at substantially different heights will get better outcomes with traditional braces.

Emergency dentist Houston believes traditional braces are also more effective at treating overcrowding. Throughout treatment, the glue holding Invisalign aligners in place may show more clearly due to coffee, wine, and cigarette stains.

Invisalign clear aligners

Braces from Invisalign are extremely covert and unlikely to be seen by individuals unaware they are there. As a result, you often smile widely and don’t feel self-conscious about your braces. According to Invisalign Houston tx, traditional braces, which may result in minor mouth abrasions and can even make eating feel uncomfortable after a recent adjustment, are less comfortable than Invisalign aligners.

You can use the Invisalign Houston program to see the expected results of your treatment and how much your smile will improve. It increases the desire for some individuals to proceed with orthodontic treatment.

Who are the ideal candidates for Invisalign treatment?

Everyone who wants to straighten their teeth or improve their smile can use Invisalign.


Invisalign can fix a majority of dental misalignments in teenagers. Teens who want a beautiful smile and better oral health can consider Invisalign braces since they employ transparent aligners to attain these goals. Given how frequently self-conscious teenagers are, this is very helpful. Teenagers who desire that winning smile might consider Invisalign, which has shorter treatment timeframes and is simpler to wear.


The adults are making dental disciplinary procedures their first choice and taking charge of their health. People who desire flexibility in their alignment process and want an enhanced smile without wearing a highly noticeable metal brace can choose Invisalign.

Patients who require back tooth correction may not be candidates for Invisalign. Simply get in touch with our dental office to obtain a professional opinion on whether you or a family member qualifies for the Invisalign procedure.

The Invisalign treatment process

Though the process can slightly change depending on your dental situation, here we present general details that most people may experience during their visit to an urgent care dentist in Houston.

Initially Consulted

During the initial consultation, one of our highly skilled and experienced dentists will meet you at the clinic. If you’ve already received treatment, you’ll visit the same Invisalign dentist in Hou if you’ve already received treatmentston.

Photographs and X-rays

After you proceed with treatment, they will probably take X-rays during your initial consultation. To create a detailed map of your mouth mechanics, we’ll take several x-rays and images of your mouth, teeth, and face from various angles.


We hope the above information may help you understand some beneficial factors regarding Invisalign treatment. For further informative details regarding Invisalign treatment, please visit