Keeping our brains active can help improve memory performance. While the old tried and tested method of repetition is still an important part of memory techniques, we also need a bit of novelty to keep our minds awake and to stimulate our brains.

We all have times when we’d love to be able to improve memory – for school tests, college exams, business presentations or even just in our day to day lives. Pregnant women are particularly prone to memory loss, and often seek ways to improve memory. Age is also a consideration; as we get older, our ability to remember things slows down and we find ourselves misplacing things or forgetting appointments.

By learning new information, we can help improve memory in the long-term. The part of our brain that produces the chemical dopamine responds better to fresh images, ideas and experiences, and can improve memory retention more effectively that simply repeating the same information over and over again. To improve memory techniques, there are plenty of things we can do in our day to day lives:

Improve memory – with word games.

By simply doing the crossword or word game in your daily or Sunday newspaper, you’ll help improve memory by learning new words or phrases. Each day will bring a new challenge so you will be stimulating your brain regularly.

Improve memory – with number challenges.

Sudoku is a popular number game, but there are many other number puzzles you can try to help your quest to improve memory. Again, you will be keeping your brain active and opening up your mind to new challenges on a regular basis.

Improve memory – learn a language.

Exposing your brain to anything new will help improve memory function, but learning a language can be a particularly rewarding experience. You don’t need to go as far as taking classes, simply watch some of the foreign language learning programs on TV or learn a few words of Spanish or French, for example, each day.

Improve memory – play an instrument.

This is another fun way to get round the problem of increasing memory loss. Picking up a guitar or sitting for an hour or two at a keyboard could be a great way to improve memory performance. You’ll be stimulating your brain function by practising new chords or melodies!

Of course, many of us lead very busy lives and don’t always have the time to take up a new hobby or pastime. We can still improve memory techniques in our day to day lives, simply by paying attention to the things around us. Instead of walking or driving home in a daze, we can help improve our memory just by looking around!