Gemstones are known for their attractiveness and being a popular choice for jewelry design. Among them, topaz is a popular gemstone. Topaz Stone is highly available, and it is the birthstone of November. It is durable and found in various colors. The deeper the color of the topaz gemstone, the higher its value.

In contrast, the colorless topaz gemstones are low value and readily available. Topaz comes in various colors, from crystal clear diamond white to peachy orange sunset tints, grassy greens, flaming reds, sky blues, etc.

Each shade has its meaning, and some colors are far rarer than others. Whether you want to purchase these beautiful topaz gemstones or wish to expand your knowledge, it is always fascinating to know about different topazes.

What are the various colors of topaz gemstone?

Pink Topaz

Pink topaz is one of the rarest true or natural topaz colors. This stone color ranges from brownish-champagne pink to peachy-orange pink to a light, vivid kind of pink, similar to pink sapphire. Pink topaz colors are usually the most precious of all the topaz varieties. Pink topaz is nearly as rare as natural blue topaz, with the intense purplish-pink forms being the most elusive. It represents hope and progress. It also signifies creativity and compassion.

Green Topaz

Topaz is a joyous and energizing stone that helps in the manifestation process. It promotes self-confidence as well as belief in the universe. Green Topaz enhances openness and encourages you to focus more on being than doing. It assists you in gaining clarity on your goals and desires and tapping into your inner resources. It also helps to cleanse the aura and promote relaxation, calmness, harmony, and tension release.

Swiss Blue Topaz

Swiss blue topaz is a vibrant blue stone with a powerful vibration. Blue topaz is slightly cheaper than other blue topaz. According to gemologists, Swiss blue topaz represents honesty, clarity of feelings, and a strong emotional bond. Blue topaz also helps in promoting health and healing. People use this beautiful stone for soul nourishment and to connect more deeply with their inner self and purpose.

Mystic Topaz

When it comes to topaz jewelry, the variety that stands out the most is mystic topaz. Its surface produces an attractive and stunning display of kaleidoscope hues. Still, it requires additional care to avoid scratching the covering. Mystic topaz is a natural white topaz with a mist of titanium sprayed on its surface. It is known for its radiance.

White Topaz

It is also known as clear topaz, colorless topaz, or silver topaz. White topaz is the most commonly available variety of topaz. It isn’t extremely high in demand. White topaz makes an excellent alternative to diamonds, although they have less brilliance and hardness.


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