Generally, people feel nervous when they are getting braces but the process of applying braces has been adopted over several years of orthodontic practice. Since it is the modern era and our cosmetic dentistry has advanced a lot, therefore orthodontists utilize many advanced tools to make the treatment process quick and painless. Visit an orthodontist near me a free consultation to get the best braces Hollywood fl.

Visit an orthodontist near me for a free consultation to know everything about braces Hollywood fl treatment.

Step vise Braces Installation Process:


  • When you visit the orthodontist specialist for the first time, he/she will help determine what kind of dental work will be recommended according to your specific needs and condition of the teeth. After that, he/she may prescribe the X-rays of your teeth and mouth using a cephalometric x-ray. This is a special kind of x-ray of the head. It is done to see the alignment of your teeth and notice their growth. This will help determine the best treatment options available for you.


  • If your orthodontist thinks that braces are necessary for your current teeth condition, your next appointment will be to fit the small dental brackets to every tooth utilizing a strong dental adhesive. The process will begin with using a dental tool known as a cheek retractor to widen your mouth so that your teeth can be accessible to him/her during the execution of the procedure.


  • Then, he/she will polish and dry your teeth so that brackets will be able to connect to the smooth surface.


  • After this, your orthodontist will use a conditioner to put on the front of the teeth in order to prepare the teeth to connect them with the brackets.


  • Now, he/she will utilize a special cement on the back of each bracket to place the brackets carefully on your teeth. This can be a long process as the installation of brackets must be exact to make sure the proper alignment of the teeth. As soon as brackets are placed on your teeth, your orthodontist will eliminate extra cement with the help of a scalar (a dental tool with a curved hook). The cement is hardened using high-intensity UV light.


  • Your dentist will remove cheek retractors from your mouth and thread the archwire through the brackets. The wiring is utilized in order to move your teeth into their new positions. Then, he/she uses an end cutter to whack the wire so that there will be no ends sticking out in your mouth.


  • Now it is time for the final step at the appointment. The professionals install wires with the help of ligatures (elastic bands) that fit around each bracket and maintain the wire in an adequate position. These elastic bands are generally altered at each follow-up appointment. You can get the assistance of your dentist for the best braces colors. And the first question that will arise in your mind is what color braces should I get? Choose darker braces colors that make your teeth look whiter including navy blue. If your skin tone is lighter choose light blue braces.


After the installment of braces, you may experience some tightness or soreness in your mouth, you will have to follow each adjustment procedure strictly. Visit your orthodontist to make sure that he/she can monitor the progress of your braces and adjust the wires, (if necessary).

Orthodontist braces cost:

Affordable metal braces near me can cost before insurance up to $3,000 to $7,500 and with insurance the cost maybe $1,500 to $3,750.