A dental implant is not a tooth used to replace a missing tooth. An implant has three parts: the dental implant and the abutment. And the artificial tooth.

Dental implant longevity depends on how well you are maintaining them. You should have a regular visit to your dentist. Your dentist will optimize your dental implant and ensure the health of your dental implant and your other teeth.

Regular visits are essential to take good care of your teeth and gums. If you notice some unusuality with your teeth, call your Implant Near Me; treating it with time rather than leaving it untreated is better.

It can lead to severe dental problems, which make teeth weak and can cause tooth loss.

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At home, you can take care of brushing and floss your teeth daily to keep them healthy for a long time. You can ask your dental implants in Houston, Texas, for supplemental products for cleaning your teeth properly. Your health keeper will give you a home care regime according to your need.

Brushing and flossing:

Your dentist will suggest a cordless electric toothbrush, look after whether you are cleaning the area properly or not, and review your brushing techniques. Flossing is equally important, and you should include flossing in your daily routine. Use floss threads. They are beneficial in cleaning properly and reach to the implants, under bridges, and bars to clean them.

Oral Irrigation:

Oral irrigation helps remove plaque accumulation near dental implants or in natural teeth. Use a mouth rinser to rinse your mouth for better cleaning. Your dentist may suggest you a special mouth rinse.

Interproximal Brushes or Proxy brushes:

These small dental brushes are designed to clean between teeth and implants, and they benefit from cleaning areas where regular dental brushes can’t reach.


Most kinds of toothpaste contain fluoride because they are designed for natural teeth, but fluoride does not hurt dental implants. Try to avoid toothpaste that contains ingredients like baking soda, stain removers, etc. is harmful.

How many Dental Visits are needed?

Typically a dentist in dental implants Houston, tx, recommends a patient atleast 6 months of visits for cleaning and regular checkup. Your dentist will tell you all the dental visits.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants are helpful when you have missing teeth, and they can improve your lifetime appearance and ability to eat the foods. Dental implants are made of titanium that can never decay and last long.


Dental implants can solve many problems with your teeth. Previous dental implants are an excellent option for correcting your teeth if you have any dental issues. A regular visit to your doctor is a must to identify your dental problems before it becomes severe.

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