Almost all people fail in a home business opportunity because of one major reason: They didn’t present their opportunity to enough prospects! Period! Surprised about the answer? Well, it’s the truth and nothing but the truth.

Maybe you were told you only need to find three business partners and they will find their three and so on and before you know, you can retire rich. Hopefully you didn’t buy that otherwise it might be a cruel awakening.

So what is the secret to really succeed in any home business? It is exposure, massive exposure. Playing the numbers game is absolutely vital, if one is serious about his business. Now the numbers of course vary from person to person and also depend on who you present your opportunity to. For example, you make your list of one hundred names of family and friends, like the so-called guru told you, and you invite all of them one by one to a business opportunity meeting. The average numbers are as follows: 60 out of the 100 will tell you right away, they are not interested! The other 40 will say that they might be interested and will attend the meeting but only about 12 will show up there. Out of those twelve persons, about 5 will show deeper interest and try the business. 2 out of those 5 will never sponsor one single person and the other 2 will get a couple of people interested in the business and might even sponsor some themselves. But what is with the one that is left? Well, this is the one you have been waiting for, diving into the business with complete inspiration and dedication.

At this stage you have duplicated yourself because you already have a small team and you have one leader, one general. But what to do now? You have contacted your whole list and have no interested prospects left. Time to move to the cold (gold) market!

In the cold market exposure is even more important but what do you exactly do? Newspaper ads? Talk to strangers on the street? Well, there are many ways to prospect but what has proven to work really great is using the internet to create your own leads. Why creating your own leads when you can buy them? Simple answer: Your own leads are totally fresh, unique and most importantly, they are pre-sold to your opportunity.

To create your own leads, you need a lead generating website. A lead generating website is not a sales page with huge amounts of text and all that. It is a simple website describing the advantages of an opportunity and a contact form to fill out. Mostly a catchy title like “If I could show you a way how to make 3000$ a month from home, would that be worth investing 20 minutes of your time to watch a video that explains just that?” works fine.

The final action you have to take is drive traffic to your website. With quality traffic you should get something from 2% up to 10% sign up rate. I even experienced conversions as high as 20% when giving something away for free in addition.

Can you see what kind of massive impact that can have on your business? Imagine if you only get one hundred visitors a day to your website and 8 percent want more information on your opportunity, that leaves you with 8 hot and pre-qualified prospects per day. That’s 56 prospects per week, 240 prospects per month or almost 3000 prospects per year! Now you tell me, can you succeed? You bet…