A smile is the first gesture that comes to the notice of every person. If you have the best feeling about your smile then it would automatically generate confidence. Therefore, do not let orthodontic problems such as underbite affect your smile. However, there are some underbites who do not lead to suffering from problems. While there are some who may affect your eating style or cause difficulties, jaw pain, sleep apnea, challenges while speaking, and headaches. Further, the best and effective treatment to fix underbite depends on the seriousness of your conditions and the age of the patients. Now, what you need to do is seek help from a dentist or orthodontist.

What is an underbite?

The problem with an underbite is that the lower teeth grow more than the upper teeth.  Generally, this dental condition results from a jaw misalignment. Further, it is also known as class III malocclusion.  It should be noted that all underbites are not similar.

What causes an underbite?

The dental condition of underbite is generally caused by genetics, which means that there are zero external causes to them. Also, they can not be prevented. Many individuals are born with an underbite and it usually passes onto one another in the family. Further, such types of genetic factors involve overcrowding of the teeth or the prolonged lower jaw.

What are the symptoms of underbite?

Here are some signs and symptoms of underbite including:

  • If you are suffering from pain while opening your mouth and face, then you should know this must be because of jaw misalignment.
  • If you are facing difficulty in biting and chewing this is a serious sign of underbite.
  • The most important sign of underbite is the problem in speaking, if you are finding it difficult while speaking then it is because of the development of an underbite.

How To Treat an underbite?

Considering a child then the problem of underbite may get corrected itself. Also, if the underbite of your child does not lead to any problems. Then the parents should need to wait till 7 years of age and proceed further to have the curative underbite treatment. But for adults and teenagers, it would be quite a distinct story. The best and quite efficient way to deal with the underbite issues is getting the underbite braces.

But in some cases, if the situation of underbite is extreme or has overcrowding in your teeth. Then the oral surgeon might help you in performing anunderbite correction without surgery. If this would not work then the surgeon will opt for correction with surgery, to bring back the teeth in their correct alignment.

What are the preventions of underbite?

If you do the regular brushing and flossing plus visiting the top-rated orthodontist near me for check-ups and cleaning. They are also known as the essential parts of the procedure to keep your teeth healthy. But those who are having an underbite or any other dental problems then they need special care to hinder the decay and damages.


The problem of underbite is a dental situation that does not affect the confidence but also the quality of your life. No matter what, all you need is the treatment to fully and successfully correct underbite problems. Further, see a dentist or adult orthodontics Miami to learn more about your treatment options and to decide which is finest for you.