Are you also wondering to get a mommy makeover? Then the very basic essentialities for this is to know about the prices of its procedures. It will help in better planning and understanding of the surgery and the recovery time from it. The process of this is designed to provide two or more children to recover their pre-pregnancy body after giving birth. It may include liposuction, breast augmentation, and tummy tucks.

What transpires during a mommy makeover consultation?

At the initial consultation of a mommy makeover, the doctor asks to show a full medical history and examines to decide that the patient is healthy to go for a mommy makeover surgery. Along with this, the doctor shares his patients may explore the process as well as any possible risks or difficulties. If you want to know anything about the mommy makeover process, including the cost then do contact the doctors near you.

Further, it also depends on the unique cosmetic goal of the patients, the mommy makeover would combination of the body formation process like labiaplasty, etc. The mommy makeover process aims to give you a young look, vibrant looks are people might appear and feel their best once more. Hence, each patient is been affected by pregnancy in multiple ways, also the doctor recommends any combinations of the surgeries.

What are the methods involved in a mommy makeover?

There are several procedures involved in the mommy makeover. But we have mentioned out the two which is best among them and they are-

  • Liposuction

Many lucky womens may lose the extra pounds of pregnancy, but the reality is the many affected areas of stubborn fat are not addressed with exercise and diet all alone. Generally, it is a less-invasive body contouring process that removes the fat residues from the parts like the arms, back, abdomen, thighs, and hips. The liposculpture process helps in bringing the body back to its desirable and modern shape. With this process, the patients would reduce the extra fat that occurs by pregnancy and improve the natural curves.

  • Tummy Tuck

For the mothers who want to recycle their pre-baby bodies, then the tummy tuck is the most famous alternative. As the abdomen develops to adapt to pregnancy, the underlying muscles and skin become pulled out. The tummy tuck Houston is many a time result in a flatter belly which is more proportional with the patient body type and frame.

What is the average price of a mommy makeover?

The price of a mommy makeover relies on many factors, including age and skin quality. The average cost is around $8,000-35,000 USD. It is also noticeable that womens with goog and beautiful skin are rewarded with the lower end cost.

How long do mommy makeovers last?

For many patients, the mommy makeover results are shown in different stages as cuts the heal and the abdomen and breasts settle into a new place. It will take nearly 3 months, women may return to their daily activities but would remain the patients as final mommy makeover results that would take 6 months to a full year.


Hopefully, the above article seems interesting and gives complete details of the mommy makeover surgery. Further, if you are also getting frustrated with your abdomen fat, and want to give a try to a mommy makeover. Then do contact our doctors of premiere surgical arts. You may also check out the pictures of mommy makeover before and after at our website!