Suppose Invisalign is the best option for you. In that case, we’ll create a customized treatment plan based on the examination, x-rays, and a 3D model of your teeth. According to orthodontics Aventura, your treatment plan specifies how your teeth must move and how long it will take for them to align correctly.

Your dental images, 3D model, and sent the x-rays to the Invisalign laboratory, where they create your personalized aligners. Your 3D dental model will also let you visualize how Invisalign will gradually address your alignment problems.

Who are the candidates for these clear aligners?

Adults and teenagers can both wear Invisalign. In addition to correcting overbites, underbites,  and overcrowded teeth, they use these braces to close spaces between teeth. Dental specialists can decide if Invisalign near me is the best orthodontic treatment for you after examining your teeth and taking x-rays.

What exactly are Invisalign aligners?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment procedure that straightens the teeth without using traditional metal braces. They are a series of custom-made, clear series that completely covers your teeth and gently pull them into the correct position over time. Because of their clear appearance, they are less visually apparent than other braces. Their ability ob be easily removable and less visible makes them a popular alternative to traditional metal braces.

No metal brackets distract your smile when receiving treatment with Invisalign clear braces. According to an affordable orthodontist near me, your teeth can be comfortably, attractively, and precisely aligned with Invisalign transparent braces in half the time it would take with conventional braces.

Invisalign is a successful and discrete orthodontic treatment option. Whether you are an adult who has put off treatment for years or a parent considering orthodontic treatment for your adolescent.

How long will Invisalign take to straighten teeth?

How much shifting or rotation your teeth require will decide the treatment time with Invisalign clear aligners. It will take longer if you have severely crooked or misaligned teeth. Also, the treatment time will usually take between 10 and 24 months. But suppose you are an adult who has undergone braces treatment as a child and your teeth shifted slightly over the years. In that case, you may need Invisalign aligners for as little as ten weeks.

Some patients may need to “refine” their teeth using braces for a few months to make other, more minor adjustments towards the conclusion of the treatment. It is because invisible aligners are not as exact as conventional braces. Invisalign cost Miami can be pretty high so ask your dental expert if they provide affordable treatment plans.

What to do after Invisalign treatment?

You’ll need to wear a retainer at night after treatment with clear aligners to keep your teeth in their proper positions. Initially, your dentist or orthodontist might also advise wearing it during the day. An orthodontist in Aventura Florida will create retainers after Invisalign to be virtually invisible. Some retainers are detachable and employ metal wires to hold your teeth in place.


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