WPS Office provides the three main functionalities: a word processor, a spreadsheet, and a presentation maker. It comes with advanced features like a paragraph adjustment tool, several tabbed interfaces, and an office to PDF converter. These features are not available even in paid Microsoft Office Suite. Additionally, it is a free alternative to Microsoft Office, and you can access them on smartphones and desktop operating systems. 

However, multiple users use the Microsoft Office suite in the world. But WPS office has some advantages over Ms. Office. It offers a modern interface along with various tools inside. 

What Are The primary advantages to download word free?


WPS Office software is compatible with both versions, i.e., mobile and desktop, and is free. This feature is available with the WPS office only. Although, the accessible version of WPS is available with sponsored access, meaning it will have pop-up ads. And it is just a small price for getting free access to it. If we talk about paid subscriptions, it is one-third of the Microsoft office suite. 


WPS Office provides the integration of all its apps. The main benefit of the WPS word is that it is easier to use and user-friendly. Most importantly, it reduces computing resources, allowing your computer to be more efficient with less drag. 

Integrated Cloud Support:

Additionally, the WPS office recently launched a WPS cloud that provides unlimited document storage and management service, enabling you to view and edit files anywhere and anytime.

Moreover, its automatic backup and link-sharing tools allow real-time collaboration across multiple devices and platforms. Your files are protected from loss as it has enterprise-level data security and various backups. 

How to download word for free?

When you click the Download button in the sidebar, a new tab will open immediately to the WPS download page.

  •     Once you click the Free Download button, you will see a notification bar showing “.exe file” downloading in progress.

  •     After the download is complete, double-click the file to launch the installation wizard.

  •     Check the box indicating that you have read the privacy policy and agreement conditions.

  •     You can also choose WPS as your default PDF viewer; however, if you already have a PDF reader installed, such as Foxit Reader, uncheck this box before clicking the Install Now button.

  •     The installation will start on its own.

  •     Click the Get Started button once the installation is complete.

How to Launch WPS?

  •     Click on the Launch WPS button to set it up.

  •     A pop-up window with three various WPS plans, including a free one, will display. To create a free account, click the Go to Free option.

  •     To continue, you’ll need to establish a WPS account. You can sign in with your email address and a password or use Google, Facebook, Twitter, or DropBox.

How to Remove WPS Office?

If WPS Office Free isn’t for you, try one of the free options listed below.

  • You can quickly delete WPS Office from your computer by following these simple instructions.

  • In the Windows search bar, type Add or Remove Programs.

  • Uninstall WPS Office by scrolling through the list of installed software until you find it.

  • You’ll need to choose a reason for uninstalling WPS Office and confirm that you wish to do so.

Overview of the WPS Office:

WPS is an excellent free Office 365 alternative. A word processor, spreadsheet tool, presentation, and PDF reader are all included in the package. The most recent version is an all-in-one program that switches between Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheet capabilities via a tabbed interface. Office 365 is compatible with WPS Office. You can open and edit documents in the formats doc, Docx, Xls, Xlsx, and ppt.


To summarise, WPS Office is a collection of office tools that may assist you with various tasks, such as writing, preparing presentations, and working with spreadsheets. Download word free now in your device to enjoy its various benefits.