Here’s a simple way to have a well-contenteddebt free lifestyle & insure your sound financial future.
Sick & tired of working a job for someone else;commuting one-two hours every morning &evening?
Have you been passed up for promotions onseveraloccasions? You are (more than likely) the verynextperson to be laid off & your retirement or pensionare notetched in stone either.
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Well-contented Debt Free Lifestyle Considerations
When you were hired a few years ago, it was abreezedriving to & from work. Eventually, that breezeturnedinto a tornado turning your entire life topsy-turvy.
In order for you to start your workday, you haveto allowabout two hours even before you start-up yourcar. Ifyou had a home business, you’ll saveyourself fourtorturous hours of commute time (for starters).
You can literally roll out of bed & leisurely walk toyour home office in the next room in a matter ofminutes.
How convenient is that? Work your home business in your PJ’s if you decide & your workhours areat your own discretion because you’re the CEO,
Its Not To Late To Steer Your Own Ship
When you work for someone else, you’ve totallygiventhe rains to your financial future to your boss (thecompany). The price of your financial freedombecomesyour salary or your hourly wage; not to mentionthat yourchance for bettering yourself to change yourlifestyle hasbeen seriously diminished.
With truth be told, ask any multi-millionaire &they’ll tellyou, ‘you will not become wealthy working forsomeone else (unless that someone else is YOU).’
Once You Regain Control…Don’t Give It A Way
Have you ever asked your boss for a day off totake careof some personal issues & says no? Well, don’tfeel likethe lone ranger, it use to happen to me jillions oftimes.
You always have to put your life on hold becauseof thecompany. After all, you gave the company the firstseatwhen it came to you freedom.
When you own your own home businessthat’snot the case any more. Whenever your child has adentalappointment, you can make time for yourchild;being the boss, you can pick up your lostwork hoursat a more convenient time according to yourschedule.
Your new home business is not limited tohowmuch you can generate. Trading yourhours fordollars (the old way) is like tying both of yourshoestogether, you won’t get anywhere that way; themostlimiting factor why you will not become wealthyworking for someone else.
Be The CEO Not The Company ‘Fall Guy’
It seems that you always seem to be the fallguy inyour company. You are the first person your bosscalls totrain a new employee. This is not even the half ofit, afew months later that trained employee getsthepromotion before you… (what a drag).
This training has got to stop before you go insane!
Working your own home business, youwill notbe passed up for promotions because you are theking ofthe mountain & you hold the purse strings. Ifthere is anytraining of new employees, I have to believe that
YOUwill not be the trainer.
The best thing of being the CEO is that your pay isnotlimited by the number of hours you physicallywork. Yourpay is only limited by the generated revenue ofyourhome business. This guarantees that asyourbusiness grows, so does your take home income.
A Journey of a 1000 Miles Starts With The First
In the real world, your boss asks you to work 40hours toget paid; if you don’t, your boss can cut your pay,or fireyou… or both. With you being the boss, itbehooves youto do all you can to make your homebusiness aforce to be dealt with. Winners always succeed andquitterswon’t.
I say quitting is another way of saying “Isurrender.”
Never give up and always see your endeavorsthrough tothe very end. The end is usually a payday…
In conclusion, ask yourself this question:
Am I comfortable continuing to sacrifice to livebelow thelifestyle of my dreams, & can I care less about myfinancialfuture or can I take the next step to realizing mytruedreams?
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